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  • Doctorate


  • Methods of use: flushing, spraying, drip irrigation
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Product description: The basic reason for the formation of saline alkali soil is poor water condition. Therefore, in the early stage of improvement, the emphasis should be placed on improving the water condition of the so

Biological alkali reduction is effective, and time is long!
The basic reason for the formation of saline alkali soil is poor water condition. Therefore, in the early stage of improvement, the emphasis should be placed on improving the water condition of the soil. In general, there are several steps: first, salt, salt, and soil salt content (see "Dr. salt"), improve the pH value of soil; plant salt tolerant plants, fertilize soil; finally plant crops.

At present, the improvement of salt and alkali land in China usually uses chemical substances such as strong acid. This improved method can only have a small effect in a short time. It can not solve the problem fundamentally, and even bring inestimable damage to the soil.

Dr alkali can directly implement irrigation in large area of saline alkali soil, which has short cycle, fast efficiency and strong sustainability. The soil irrigated by pine soil can not only improve the physical and chemical state of the soil, adjust the pH value, optimize the soil properties and activate the soil nutrients, thus raise the content of the effective components and organic matter in the soil. Fertile soil promotes the growth and development of crops.

Product features
1. the improvement time is short and the effect is obvious
2. non-toxic, non irritating, no side effects, friendly environment
Small 3. particles (particle size 2-5um)
4. easy to spray, not easy to block
5. action time persistence
6. is hydrophilic and easy to absorb and transform
7. rich microbial communities are conducive to sustainable development.
8. increase yield and improve crop quality and enhance resilience.

Mechanism of action
PhD is a pure biological agent, with up to 200 million active bacteria per gram, using the latest scientific and technological formula and adding a variety of effective additives to improve the soil environment effectively and enduring. By mixing with soil, Dr alkali can be absorbed and utilized by crops after being oxidized to sulfate form by soil microorganisms. The experiments showed that Dr. alkali was involved in the oxidation of the soil. The process was: S0, S2O32-S4O62- and SO42, which were realized by chemical and biological processes, but mainly in biological processes.
1. The autotrophic bacteria can use the energy released from the oxidation of inorganic sulfur to fix CO2 into organic matter. The most important autotrophic bacterium is Thiobacillus, and it almost monopolizes all the sulfur oxidation processes in the soil.
Two. Photosynthetic sulfur bacteria use S2- and S0 as the oxide pool in photosynthesis.
The three and third categories are general anaerobic microorganisms, which are large in number of soils and play a significant role.
Under the effect of beneficial bacteria, the soil of saline alkali soil and the organic acid substance secreted by the beneficial bacteria are complex solubilization to remove the salt and alkali in the soil for a long time. This scheme is quick and long-term, thus achieving the purpose of improving the saline alkali land and laying a good foundation for the increase and increase of the salt and alkali land.

As a soil conditioner, Dr alkalis plays a key role in the controlled release of trace nutrients in Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn. The results showed that after adding Zn to the contaminated soil, the pH value of soil decreased, and the NH4OAc content of Zn increased with the increase of sulphur level. The results showed that the pH value decreased and the content of Zn NaNO3 in soil increased by 8 times. The main reason was that the soil was oxidized by Thiobacillus and reduced the pH value of soil, which resulted in a significant increase in the content of Zn in the soil.

Dr alkali has been proved to play an important role in the activation of soil elements and the absorption of vegetative elements. It can not only reduce the pH value of soil, improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, but also activate soil nutrients, thus improve the content of effective nutrients in the soil, promote the growth and development of crops, and reduce the accumulation of NO-3-N in the soil. In order to solve the deficiency of trace elements, it is an important method to increase the pH value and improve the effectiveness of trace elements in the soil in addition to the application of micro fertilizer to the soil and the spraying of trace elements in the soil.

Scope of application: Xinjiang saline alkali soil, coastal saline alkali soil, soda saline alkali soil, black alkali soil, secondary salinization and other saline alkali soil improvement.

Usage: according to the pH value, the amount of 50-200KG per mu is applied to irrigation, spraying and drip irrigation.
Shelf life: 2 years



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